Julia Splan
Coldwell Banker Realty

Some homebuyers know exactly what they want, they give me the guidelines of what they are after and I build a smart list of the most qualified candidates. But not everybody knows what they are after, and for those families I start by identifying what “home” needs to be, and together we explore the possibilities. If you require a patient and personal approach to finding your way “home” I am ready to guide that journey. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an efficient and professional real estate transaction, I am good with that too.

If you would like to browse what’s available on your own, you've probably already started searching and reviewing homes on this website. 

If you would like me to custom assemble a list, tailored to your specifications with no obligation, please give me a call or text at (801) 949-9878 or drop me a line at julia@splanhomes.com. 

I know how overwhelming it all can be, let me demonstrate my expertise in finding your “just right.”